If someone in my “Miscellaneous” MSN group initiates a chat [Think: “Miscellaneous” means 皮毛之交], it usually means that I have to prepare my hardware/software troubleshooting brain. It’s not that I don’t welcome them, but sometimes I’d like to be seen more than a convenient PC-guide.

I’m not so friendly ok. But even though I may be grumbling now, I know I’d still help out if I can spare the time.


3 thoughts on “"Hey…"

  1. Haha… I wonder how one uses a troubleshooting brain daily… Anyway,I’ve decided to log down all requests and start posting the solution here. This is so that when a same request pops up, I can refer them to my blog. Can save me the trouble of repeating myself and increase my traffic too. Kills two birds with one stone~!

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