Microsoft Office Goddess

I have many times complain about people who do not know how to use Microsoft Office correctly. Who generates Table of Contents by hand? Who doesn’t know what is Body Text, Heading 1, Heading 2 and other styles? Who uses the Master Template view in PowerPoint? Such nitty gritty stuffs aren’t actually important if one is working on a ten-page document. But things are on a whole lot different scale if one has a hundred-page document/presentation in hand. Knowing what each of them is can help shave much unnecessary time wasted in formatting.

One of my role in my current company is to work as a Technical Writer and it has been the best training ground for my Microsoft Office skills. Sadly, I see myself as the only one here who emphasize on the correct usage. That is, until my new colleague came in. She knows so much more than I do! And she can work with an ancient PC installed with Office 97 without any complaints! (Seriously, Office 97!? My company is chui…)

Within a week, I’ve learnt the advantages of working in PowerPoint in Outline View, using master document and sub-documents in Word, and more! Impressive is an understatement.

Most importantly, I see her as a very patient and cool person. Sometimes I cannot help but want to punch those people who abuse her by throwing documents at her (figuratively) and request her to finish vetting in an impossible amount of time. But she took in all the tasks without any complaints and tries her best to complete them.

Cool~ Real cool~ Gek Hoon: 加油!!!

Probably it’s time to work on my patience and try my best to maintain a cool head at all times.

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