Oh, and regarding graphic designer…

(Refer to Thoughts of a Designer for my previous, related ranting.)

As the whole planning for the programme booklet proceeds, I am even more sure that my initial decision was the right decision. Basically I felt that the members of the discussion group have long decided on the design and layout. I wonder if they knew the word discussion in the first place. Why have one when there is no room for negotiation!?

And to rub more salt into the wound:

Oh, and regarding graphic desiginer (sic), i think we need to find friends around us who is good at photoshop!

:S What an insult. Some people just have a very restricted view of what designing is about. It is never about the tools used; its about the ideas.

One more thing:

i think we should just stick having a booklet despite how creative we want to try to change the boring rectangular like booklet. Number one reason is due to budget.

Stick. In. The. Mud. The battle is lost the moment you don’t believe you can break the restrictions and think out of the box. Maybe I’m just being too idealistic as usual.

I can’t wait for the programme booklet to be out so that I can have another ramble post. :S

Something crossed my mind when I was posting this entry. Should I worry about direct quoting the email correspondences? What if some shit-stir-rers comes in, repost my entry, and make a huge fuss?

Might as well. I don’t really care about their existence anyway.


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