Ultimate Guide to Jeans

There are many occasions when I thought jeans would be perfect for a dinner or some slightly formal dinner/functions. But it’s still generally not accepted in Singapore’s context where wearing jeans is still considered to be casual. But everything is alright now that I have the Ultimate Guide to Jeans from Details magazine.

Forget about Urban Cowboy. When you pair the right shade of jeans with the right blazer and accessories, you’re creating a classic.

I feel so sorry for ripping the whole story off the site and place it in mine. But I just want to keep a copy for my future reference. 😛


Jeans so faded they’re almost colorless go with more than just a vintage T-shirt. Pair them with a banker-style shirt, a dark tie with a gold tie bar, and a tailored jacket adorned with a patterned pocket square, and you’ve got yourself a fresh interpretation of the modern suit.

Skinny and Trouser Fit

Skinny Fit
Snug all the way from the waist to the ankle.

Trouser Fit
Roomy from thigh to ankle, with diagonal pockets in the front.

Relaxed and Straight Fit

Relaxed Fit
Loose in the hips and thigh through the knee.

Straight Fit
Consistent fit throughout and tapered at the ankle.


Gray jeans lose their “frontman for Babyshambles” edge when they’re worn with the elements of a suit. Dress them up with a narrowly cut dark jacket, a scuff-free belt, a silvery tie, and a complementary shirt. Just make sure the jeans aren’t too tight—a slightly relaxed fit works best here—and forgo any pairs of Converse that aren’t pristine.


The surest way to give denim an elegant cast is to trade the sneakers for lace-ups. Pair jeans with a slightly looser cut (ones that aren’t skin-tight in the thighs) with noticeable shoes like patent-leather wing tips; understated black oxfords look best with slimmer styles. And if you want to wear light-colored bucks, stick with inky denim.


To make jeans office-worthy, wear them with traditional button-down shirts in conservative solid colors, checks, or pinstripes. Save brightly patterned shirts, which emphasize denim’s casual aesthetic, for dark suits. And always, always tuck your shirt in and secure the jeans with a belt.


Going beltless is fine if you’re wearing jeans with a T-shirt and Vans. Otherwise, you should have something cinched around your waist. With baggier denim, wear a wide belt; with skinnier pairs, choose a slim one. Solid brown or black styles go with jeans in any color or wash, but braided belts should be reserved for dark pairs unless you want to pay homage to Corey Haim.


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