Random Things That One Should Try

Wow.. It has been eons since my last entry.. Let me compile all the things that have happened thus far into a list of things/actions that one can try:

  1. Meeting 老朋友s. Man… It’s always so invigorating. Despite never meeting for such a long time, the familiar warmth is still there.
  2. Debating about anything under the sun with 老朋友s. I find it very engaging and interesting even though there isn’t any thing conclusive at the end of the day. Haha…
  3. Asking people who wants a favor from you to contribute in any ways possible to whatever they need from you. Suddenly, one would realize that they aren’t so enthusiastic about their request. (*Irritated*) It’s amazing how some can just assume that one has all the time/energy/resources in the world to help unconditionally. Maybe many people were just taking things for granted; and I am actually not a very helpful person. Ok, not maybe. I am not a helpful person.
  4. Working. Then one would appreciate studying more. When else can we get weeks of break to do anything we like?
  5. Working on something boring. Then one would realize the importance of choosing the right job. Gosh, how I wish I can change my job scope now…
  6. Telling integrating something from a blog of a friend whom has introduced his/her blog to you in your conversation. It’s has a heart-warming effect on them.
  7. Telling someone who hasn’t introduced his/her blog to you about something from his/her blog. I think I freaked out… :s
  8. Pitstop Cafe at 14B Circular Road, Singapore. The games are new; some look and feel new too because the cards are all laminated. And it’s not too expensive too. Quite a new place to explore for friends gathering.
  9. Latest version of Windows Live Writer Beta. So many functions has been added into this version which makes this program into an even more useful application for blogging. No more new entries from those lousy web-based interface!

On a sadder note, I believe my heart skipped a beat in two different mornings. It’s like how things you’ve lost pop up the moment you are not thinking of them. 命运弄人啊.

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