2nd Week in Work

I am blogging less frequently than I want to.

Working through the second week hasn’t been any easier. Now, I know too much about Human Factors Engineering and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility than I should ever be if I am a simple university Bioengineering undergraduate. And working has made me into a machine:

  1. I wake up at 5.55am daily
  2. Get out of my house by 6.30am
  3. Reach Sengkang MRT by 6.45am
  4. Reach my workplace kilometres away by 8am
  5. Lunch at 11.30am
  6. Leave workplace at 5.30pm
  7. Evening events after that
  8. Sleep at 11.30pm

Life has become a clockwork for me. *Tick tock tick tock* Just let the routine do its job, turning its gear. But work, I must. Since I did decide to have some spending power and it’s definitely a bad idea if I had stayed at home throught the holidays. In so doing, I have less time for everything/everybody else; including myself. I thought I know what I’ve signed up for; maybe not.

And the throbbing sensation at the back of my mouth is definitely not helping at all. It’s almost 2am now, I should be sleeping, but I can’t.


3 thoughts on “2nd Week in Work

  1. wAaaAa.. your working hours is longer than mine, jiayous! =) am too bushed after work le, but you still have energy for dance hehe =)

  2. guess u have to tk good care of ur health.

    To some extent, it’s quite routine and monotonous. But consider the benefits, both monetary n non-monetary, might sometimes be worth the while ba?

    My working hours are quite horrible too, onli good thing is that it’s near my house.

    Oh well, let’s jia you together then. U have 3 months, i have 4 yrs… haha. Keep in contact yeahz!

  3. hahaha, i’m starting 1st june. 830 to 630. shucks. longer working hours than urs. =( speaking of evening events, u on for next wednesday? me bingx and johnny confirm evening event liao. u free?

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