Microsoft Office 2007

My experience with the latest generation of Microsoft Office has been perfect. I like it so much that nowadays I’m very much forced to boot into my Windows Vista partition on my MacBook Pro if I need to work on any office document.

The new user interface called Ribbon is a new initiative and is the major selling point of Office 2007. It exposes the most used commands of the product and groups them in a slighty different manner from the older generations. As such, it took me some time to learn and find all the features I usually used. But once I got used to the new user interface, I can find them back very easily.

Word 2007

Word 2007

What I like most of Word 2007 is Insert Citation. It helps to quote sources in APA style and makes managing Bibliography very easy. Finished your report? Then generate the list of references easily with the click of a button. This feature is extermely useful for university students working on their research reports.

Word is also able to capitalize on wide screens too. Comments used to squeeze within the document but now they have a column of their own on the right. This allows the user to preview both the document (in the original page width) and the comments!

Excel 2007

Excel 2007

I’m not a very frequent user of Excel but I found one very useful feature suitable for kiasu competitive students like me. Conditional formatting allows you to color the cells according to their value against a dataset; for example from high-score green to you-have-been-slacking red. This is very useful in finding where you stand against the whole cohort. (Yes! My score is green! Though not the greenest green…)

Update 10 May:

Probably the difference in color is not very obvious in such a short list and therefore I’ve included another screen shot of another chunk of the list; Look at the difference in the green-ness. Hee hee…

Excel 02

(Still) Having a writers block now in office… 😦


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