Stupid Exam Questions

Have been real busy with revision for the impending finals. But something caught my eye and I just have to quote it.

As seen from my Bioengineering module past year paper:

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. bioengineering,
    2. [some sensible question] , and
    3. [some sensible question].
  2. What are the main research areas in bioengineering?
  3. [Some sensible question]
  4. What are the driving forces for commercializing biomaterials?

What?! Either the lecturer has no good questions to ask or he just want to insult the university examinations system. Regurgitation… Reminds me of primary/secondary school exam papers where they ask you to define “food chain” or “Newton’s First Law of Motion”. But at least those definitions are beneficial…

“Ask useless questions and s***w the students! Hah!”

I seriously want to know what’s going on in his mind when the lecturer set those questions…


One thought on “Stupid Exam Questions

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