Google IME | 谷歌拼音输入法

IME means “Input Method Editor” and in this case, is used to convert 汉语拼音 to Chinese characters. The default solution available in Windows is the built in Microsoft IME by choosing Chinese (PRC) as the language. It’s something which I find a little unresponsive, but other than that I can live with it since I do not type in Chinese very often.

Enters Google IME. From Google Blogoscoped:

Google’s IME has some innovative features, such as depositing users’ personal phrase on Google’s server and synchronize it between different computers. You may also find popular words on Internet would be typed easily and accurately.

Attractive feature isn’t it? Now I need not retrain my IME every time I format my PC! Who needs to pay for HansVision when there is a free alternative! I’m sure this tool would have continual updates from Google since they are eager to compete for more users in China.


7 thoughts on “Google IME | 谷歌拼音输入法

  1. eh, have u ever figured out how to type female aka nu using the han yu pinyin thing? everytime i try to i get slave aka nu coz i dunn how to do the funny smiley faced u. haha

  2. 女婿去与驴居。 For those that are differentiated between “u” and “ü”, type “v” to replace the latter. And if in some special situation where you need the smiley face or any other weird character with decorations, you may refer to “Character Map” found under “Accessories”. 🙂

  3. Chinese menu can be achieved in Vista quite easily I believe. At least I saw that option in the Ultimate version… *cough* But it would be a system wide configuration. I’m not sure if there’s a program-specific language option… Am doubtful of that.

  4. my desktop still on xp. only my laptop is vista. and ya… on windows it’s a system wide thing. I still miss the njstar which can just do what I need. but it’s darn old prog. waiting for google to come out with something similar. hahaha

  5. yar! i was just thinking the same thing. I would be so lost in windows if i switched my entire windows to chinese just to use an application with chinese menus. I prolly won’t know how to switch back. ahha… =p

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