Bleahs of Windows Vista 3/4

Bleah 03:
Copying and moving files in Vista sometimes require quite a bit of waiting time. The animation is nice, yes, but it’s just not efficient for everyday tasks. A fix is now available for the bug that frustrates some users with extra-long wait times to move, copy or delete files. Yeah~! Download the hot-fix for Windows Vista 32bit here. Those having 64bit version of Windows Vista look for hot-fix KB931770 here.

Bleah 04:
Next, I have a complain for the Flip 3D interface introduced in Windows Vista. It’s suppose to complement the Alt-Tab function we are all familiar with, with an added three dimensional twist:

Flip 3D Interface

Sure… A 3D effect is cool looking. But is it functional? After using it for a few days, I realize that this interface does not provide a full view of the content in the window. I had to Windows-Tab a few times to cycle through the windows before I get to see what is being hidden behind other windows overlaying on top. Guess I am too pampered by Exposé provided by Mac OS X.

Mac OS X desktop with Exposé

So I Googled around for a similar solution for Windows Vista and I found Switcher. The rest is history. Here’s what I get when I move my cursor to the top left corner of the screen or press F9 in Vista:


Whoo~! This is so much better. I have tried out other alternative programs and this has given the best performance and consistency. Highly recommended to those who are used to the Mac’s interface. 🙂

Oh, I have installed Windows Vista in my MacBook Pro using Boot Camp 1.2 beta. It’s working so smooth that its performance is much better than my Dell Desktop which I believe is having some driver issues. :s

Digress: I’d be busy with studying and catching up with lectures. Don’t think I’d be blogging as usual as I wish to. The content for this entry was actually thought of weeks ago. Finally got them out, haha… More bleahs to come, one regarding the new search function of Windows Vista.

4 thoughts on “Bleahs of Windows Vista 3/4

  1. nice….u are tempting me to get a mac and install windows vista too. haha, but aside from the better visuals, are there any real functional improvements or differences in this version of windows? Or it’s kinda the same?

  2. Without having Internet Explorer integrated into the core of the OS helps it to be more secure. I actually feel comfortable enough to use the machine without using an anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Just don’t visit *ahem* sleezy websites unnecessary; and even if one do, just don’t download anything. 🙂 Another proof of its secureness is the lack of updates! Used to remember the days when I’ve updates almost every week for Windows XP. Now, not so frequent; and the update is done through a dedicated application rather than through Internet Explorer. Something which I believe should be done ages ago…
    Networking seems easier too. It automatically prompts you to categorize the network you are in as public or private so that necessary security features are implemented.
    Basically, it gives me the same feel Office 2007 does: it does takes sometime to get used to the new software, but once that hurdle is crossed, productivity is improved. Now if only I can get my Dell stop crashing…

  3. yeah… I’ve three machines at home. One is the dual-booting MacBook Pro, one is my ever-BSOD-Vista-Dell, and one the DIY-WinXP-PC. Will have to spend some time once my finals are over to kill whatever the problem is that gives me BSOD whenever my hard disk activities are high.

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