Grommet-Hole, What?

Whoa~ This is interesting (from Gizmodo):

Belkin has put on their thinking cap and has designed a USB hub and iPod dock that will fit in the grommet holes perfectly. There are two different types of USB hubs, the regular In-Desk USB Hub and the angled Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub. The In-Desk Dock will conveniently dock any iPod with the bottom dock adapter. And if you still actually use your grommet holes for wires and such, these accessories still allow wires to be fed through.


Cool… I didn’t realize that there’s actually a name for the-hole-in-the-desk. And this device actually makes something that is very underused into something useful again! Proves that there are still many gems in life waiting for us to uncover. 🙂


One thought on “Grommet-Hole, What?

  1. *marvel-ful*
    imagine: everybody(else) grooving to their iPods in comp labs, thanks to this wonder-lous thing. and there’s no end to it bcos the iPods charge at the same time. *gasp (in horror)*

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