YouTube Video Awards

It’s the first year that YouTube is setting up this award and the nominees were picked by YouTube and YouTube community members were given five days to vote on their favourites. From the awards page:

2006 was a pioneering year for online video, user-created content and the YouTube community. You let us into your bedrooms, created new forms of entertainment, and radicalized popular culture. Now it’s time to reflect on what a tremendous year it was and recognize the best of the best during the first YouTube Video Awards.

Here are two of my favourite ones:

Awarded Most Creative: Here It Goes Again by OKGo

Awarded Most Adorable: Kiwi! by Madyeti47


6 thoughts on “YouTube Video Awards

  1. Hey… the kiwi is SO cute and the storyline touching. Noticed the tear he/she dropped while he/she was ‘flying’?? He/she must have been longing to fly..

    Guess it applies to everyone too? No obstacle will ever be too great for your dreams. Pursuit and persist, nvr doubt nor lose confidence in urself, U R the Special One to make your dreams come true…

  2. haha.. i wun call it pessimistic, It’s a logical qn!

    Is it worthwhile losing so much to gain for sth? I guess it depends on situations reallie. If the dream is of a good much greater than the loss u make, mayb it’s not too bad an idea – but of cos, this depends on how u judge the amount of gain and loss.

    But there is this i wish to add. Do we only have 1 dream?? I doubt so, i’m sure we have so many. To make the same dream come true, the costs will be different – depending on where, when and how. I think all we need to do, is to be flexible, keep an open mind, be on a look out for opportunities. We can always attempt to fulfill the dream that does not require ‘huge costs’ at this point in time, place. Other dreams, no hurry, as long as we dun chuck it one side, we will get to it somehow when ‘costs’ are lower in future.

    Brings me back to my own experience. I’ve tried giving up many things before just to achieve what i stubbornly wanted at that point in time. My thinking was that at this point in time, my dream is more important than anything else. End result: the achievement was there, but i felt i lost more. I realised that there are ppl/things that are impt throughout life, not just for this moment or next. So i guess it’s impt to reallie question urself, what are the ppl/things that wld be impt to u as of now and in future. Take them into ur plan when trying to achieve ur dream. If somehow there’s conflict, and no possible compromise is available, no harm postponing the climb to ur dream.

    We’ll definitely be much more satisfied if achieve our dreams that way. I’m sure many of us have seen ‘successful’ ppl feeling veri empty deep inside. R they reallie ‘successful’? Is that the kind of success we want?

  3. mayb i shld string together wat i’ve juz mentioned wif ‘Jtsjv’.

    One definitely has to pursue and be persistent in life to achieve dreams, especially big ones.

    Persistent does not mean one has to bang his head against the wall to attempt to break it! It should be coupled wif flexibility to know which dreams are better to achieve now or later. If a particular dream has to ‘postponed’, persistence wld come in to remind u that it has to be fulfilled later and not be forgotten.

    Also, like what jtsjv has mentioned, in our plans to achieve our dreams, we need to give due considerations to the ppl/things that are truely impt to us. And to have a plan that consider SO MANY factors is not easy. Once we are affirmative that the plan can go ahead after analysing the costs/benefits, we need to be persistent in our pursuit for this dream, and that we do not conveniently leave any impt ppl/thing out, only to regret later.

  4. am i slow or wat but i tink the kiwi was going to die? haha. cos it’s supposed to be falling by gravity… ya the tear is sad. the clip is acty cute and sad to me haha

  5. yeah… it sure will die in the end. don’t you think simplicity of the storyline is a huge contrast to the strong message that it’s trying to send across?

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