As seen in the status message of one of my friend on MSN:

Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.

I guess my emotions are like plasticine, the kind that gives total inelastic collisions when dropped. Then I’d take my time to recover, slowly~. And through that recovery period, I’d pray that nothing comes into my way and gets me down again.

Boundin’ is a short film by Pixar. It came alongside with The Incredibles and is the clip that popped into my mind when I saw that status message. It’s kind of uplifting and heart warming. 🙂

Someone please teach me how to bounce…

Some conversation I had sometime ago:

sorry v pessimistic

aiya… cheer up.. ur next weakness, easily affected by minor thing, emotion changes easily… remember u can never settle satisfied everyone… juz do ur part by explaining, dun cause misunderstanding… then other things juz ignore


ha cos ur emotion change can be seen easily


hee…learn to take things easy

4 thoughts on “Life…

  1. bouncing comes to you naturally when you hit hard enough onto the ground… another way to look at it is to increase the parachuting skills – damping the fall so that won’t even have to bounce…

  2. Hmm.. I kind of think so too. Believe some whom have known me for a longer period of time realize that what I described is the same me a few years ago. But I guess I can inch my way towards the more positive end by changing slowly…

  3. I guess it depends on how you use your good mix of logic/rationality and emotions?

    We can’t possibly ignore our emotions, they are the very basis why we are on earth living – luv and feelings. Yet accompanying such positive emotions, are those of disappointments, unhappiness and hatred – which occurs frequently as well.

    In my opinion however, the latter type of emotions usually can be avoided. If not avoided, it only hurts others n most imptly, ourselves. N fr my own personal experience, most of such negative emotions arose in the midst of miscommunications. For mistakes that others make, we tend to presume their intentions the way we see it, and not for what it really was, and the possible difficulties faced by the other party that led to this mistake made. As such, we start blaming them and all the negative emotions starts coming in.

    If alternatively, we could put our emotions and judgement on hold first, and attempt to always seek clarification nicely (notice that we DO NOT assume that there is an intention for a mistake made and DEMAND clarification), we would better understand the difficulty they are facing. Knowing that their intentions were not ‘bad’, there’s no need for negative emotions isn’t it? Of cos, sometimes, it could be that they are insensitive or may not have prior experience, but we ourselves being the more sensitive and experienced one should offer to help, not blame them rite? But, if there’s a genuine case of intended mistake, then allow negative emotions in. We need to have an outlet rite? But dun let it stay for too long, it affects life, health and the people arnd us.

    Finally, i wld like to end off by saying that it’s not easy to achieve that – definitely. For those who are blessed with a logical/rationale mind, do utilize it more. It’s definitely more worth it (in the long run) to put in effort in this area, than to allow ur negative emotions take charge. U’ll find that it’s harder to ‘keep back’ ur negative emotions. Key: dun make judgement too early first. For others who are not as fortunate to have a logical mind, dun give up, keep trying. Learn from the ‘kiwi’ (available in this blog), u’ll be touched by ur achievement.

    My philosophy: I’ll be happy only when others are =)

    *Pardon any incohesiveness in my comments. My GP ain’t very good.

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