Random Thoughts | 胡思乱想

今晚有人让我走进他的心里: 真想不到他的布洛克尽然如此精彩,丰富。我就好像在翻阅一本漫画书的小孩儿一般,一页一页的啃。怎么他没早点介绍这百宝箱呢?其中的“这个学弟有跳舞的潜质,无论是样貌或身材,或学习能力,或爱美的程度,都是舞者该有的先天条件”真的让我捧腹大笑。家里的人都可能不如我为何对这电脑荧幕傻笑…

Seeing a blog post related to Dance Reflections 2006 reminds me of something that my senior had said to me after Ethereal. She said I’ve improved! But I must say that I am still having symptoms of “disappearing neck” plus other various ugly elongation and runs. Really would like to spend more time improving my basic techniques, when I have the time.


再翻找一番,我也找到了去年Arts Festival之后拍的照片。 A quick scan among the dancers then made me realize that so many members have left since last year. But I guess I have to remind myself that I do have a fresh batch of dancers replacing them, and that they are a wholesome lot. With so many new dancers with high potential, how many among them would continue to stay after this Arts Festival? This is one question that could not be answered until we enter May, when we start preparing for Dance Reflections 2007…

最后一天了,我怎么好想还是放心不下呢?也许阿量说得对: “Once a president, always a president.”


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