Adobe CS3

The long awaited Adobe Creative Suite 3 is finally going to be released. Adobe will host a press event this March 27 to announce the availability of CS3. This will be the first Creative Suite that is launched after the acquisition of Macromedia and the first Universal Binary version. I am sure many other Intel-Mac users look forward to this day when we can use Fireworks, Flash and Illustrator at native speed.

What is in the box?

Finally, I’d be able to do my design work on my MacBook Pro. Sweet~

Before we reach that date, Adobe has released a YouTube video and a promo website to keep ourselves occupied:

2 thoughts on “Adobe CS3

  1. Oops. Apparently I got myself too excited too quickly. From AppleInsider:

    Although Adobe Systems has confirmed plans to announce its Creative Suite 3.0 bundles at a special event later this month, it does not plan to ship the software until later in the Spring.

    Sigh… The wait continues…

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