M1 Broadband?

I have seen advertisements of M1Broadband on SBS Transit buses since many weeks ago. I have wondered many times how did this new service launched gets unnoticed by an IT geek who also happens to watch/read advertisement. I always have the impression that M1 has very poor marketing department. There was actually a period of few months where the M1 brand is not seen anywhere. There was virtually no presence of M1 and I wasn’t surprised at all when it dropped in its ranking in terms of subscribers.

The only complain I had that time regarding the branding for M1Broadband was their choice of tag line: “It’s Everywhere”? Isn’t this TV Mobile’s? I am sure there is something more creative…

M1Broadband's tagline

So today, something really infuriating happened. From www.hardwarezone.com forums via ru:

I was expressing my interest to try out the M1 Broadband Unlimited but surprisingly the CSO told me that with effect from 1st April 2007, the Unlimited word in the their broadband plan will be removed and all their 3 plans will have a cap of 5GB per month. If the user exceed the 5GB limit, they will received a call/letter reminder telling them about them exceeding the 5GB usage limit. Also, a charge of S$4.00 will be imposed in blocks of 1GB excess once they exceed the monthly usage cap.

And that’s not all…:

This is applicable both new and existing user. [Customers] will receive a letter notifying them about the changes in their 5GB cap limit.

Wow, to think the first actual news I read about M1Broadband is negative reviews. Here’s the screen capture from M1Broadband’s official site:

New pricing structure

I can’t help but feel sad for those new customers. Is changing their broadband policy M1’s way of thanking their customers for their support? And what about the 6 months service commitment? Will those customers get to terminate the contract? People, if you are one of those poor chaps, it’s time to send a complain to CASE.

And since I am in the complaining mood, here’s one more stuff that irritated me when I was doing some research for this. Why are they using a scene of some generic street with multiple fake billboards for their landing page? Shouldn’t a more familiar scenery from Singapore be chosen?

Generic scene from HK or TW?

Oh, I believe I know why. It’s because they have none in Singapore….


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