Interesting reflection from Noscope on the appeal of a blog.

When people visit a blog, they expect the following:

  1. Reverse chronologically posted news items (newest stuff near the top)
  2. Ability to comment
  3. A “personal” tone

With many blogs following the same format, the brain is trained to “know” the interface/features and this is being re-enforced every time they land on another blog; provided it follows the format above. Therefore blogs feels familiar and people are generally more comfortable reading one.

Other than exposing past articles to the landing page (via the sidebar “Top Posts”), I have also been trying find a way to encourage/guide visitors to leave behind comments. My current belief to why this is not happening is that many Singaporeans are used to leaving comments via Tagboards; they are just not used to leaving comments for a specific post. So I guess I have to continue looking around for better user interface to promote that.


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