Product Designs of Audio Players (Part 4)

Lastly, I am to suggest and show, with reasonable details, how the second product (i.e., iPod), which is the better of the two, could be further improved. Just realized that I am suppose to provide “reasonable details”. However, I spent rather little time on this section as I think I have spent way too much time on this assignment.

Possible Improvements for iPod

Be fingerprint and scratch resistant

The classic combination of a glossy plastic front casing and a polished metal rear casing of the iPod catches fingerprints easily. Within minutes of being out of the box, the iPod would have some prints and smudges seen on its screen. The iPod catches scratches easily if placed together in the pocket with keys and coins too.

While the screen has to remain smooth for light transmittivity, Apple can consider a soft-textured rear casing for iPod. Such surface can make the iPod slip proof as an additional feature. Next, all consumers would want their electronic device to be as durable as possible. Therefore, Apple has to find a more scratch resistant material compared to the current acrylic material.

Make battery removable

Duracell PowerFM Currently, the iPod has its rechargeable battery built-in. This makes it impossible for consumers to bring along backup batteries for long cross-country journeys and flights. Present solution available in the market such as Duracell PowerFM adds too much bulk to the iPod and is therefore not ideal. Moreover, in the event that the battery’s ability to hold charge has diminished, the only option available for consumers is to send the iPod to Apple for a battery replacement.

By designing the iPod’s battery to be removable would allow users to easily double the time they can go without charging the iPod. Old batteries that cannot retain their charge can also be easily replaced without professional help.


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