Valentines Day (Part 4)

Final part to the Valentines Day Special Tetralogy.

We had to leave the restaurant early to rush down to Esplanade Prk to help/monitor my dancers in their first performance at the Light-Up of Singapore River HongBao 2007. Here are them in the preparation process:

It’s my first time down at River HongBao since my JC days; and it’s my first time down at the Light-Up ceremony. With the help of a backstage uncle, we were also given access to the audience seats and we were able to catch some performance items before my dancers’. After the performance, a core group of dancers whom I always hang around with went to the open-air hawker center beside Esplanade for supper…

Digress: Quite excited but yet quite worried about my turn to perform at River HongBao. 26th February, Mon. Grr…

So it was a rather happening day for me and Yix. A day worthy remembering, worthy to be categorized as a Valentines Day celebration.

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