Valentines Day (Part 1)

When did I celebrate Valentines Day? I just had it today!

THE DAY started at 9:21:38, or so says my handphone when I met Yixin at the train station. I was terribly late as me and Yix were trying to sort out some printing issues we had with my Ethereal poster. She had actually stayed up till 4 trying to solve it for me.

*touched* > *heartache*

First surprise for the day: Yix has *ahem* impulsively bought a iPod Shuffle for me. She knows that I am a Apple fan (in fact “fan” is an understatement), and she must have read the “Sexy…” entry. And she has repackaged it like this:

iPod Shuffle!

Impressive huh…

Soon after, while we were still in the train ride, the second surprise of the day came, in another yellow package:

And it contained an in-ear earphone from Sennheiser (notice that another item has been striked out from THE LIST). To be continued…


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