Happening Night

It’s going to be be a long night. Think it would be interesting if I record down what was completed and have a timeline as a record. So here goes:

  • 1:35am: Begin work on the next version of the poster for NUS Chinese Dance Arts Festival performance: Ethereal.
  • 2.55am: Poster v0.6 completed. Slight improvements to the visual flow; removed a chunk of text for brevity; and cliche tag line removed. Slight adjustments here and there; I can spend so much time struggling with shifting each elements by a few pixels.


  • 3:47am: Computer arrest count: 2. Thank god for Tab Mix Plus and any other autosave functions in all softwares.

  • 4:30am: Dozing off every few minutes. Personal arrest count: 1. Gonna sleep. Seems like it’s not productive again. Just like any other days of mine recently.


2 thoughts on “Happening Night

  1. Someone just emailed me asking me about the choice of font for the poster. The font name is Konfuciuz. I forgot where I got the font though. People interested might want to try Google to search for the font I guess. Should be available as some free resource. 😀

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