Bleahs of Life 0001

You know you can only be disappointed with someone for a limited number of times. Be sian-ded at too many occasions, and you’d give up totally on that person, never wanting to know more about him or her anymore.

Maybe that’s only me.

Started with me being really glad
When you initiated to tell me your happy moments in life,
When I had the chance to see your childhood photos,
When I see you at the bus stop.

Now I’ve removed all your sms-es out to let more of others in;
You no longer initiate a chat on MSN;
I just visit your blog
For updates.

Today’s the day when I finally decided that I’ve had enough of everything.
Of not understanding your problems,
Of seeing you carefree
(I’m a bastard I know),
Of disappointments.

再见. 不见.


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