iPod Shuffle

I hope Yixin would not feel sad over me describing iPod shuffle as being sexy. I’ve always been wanting to get one, now Apple, Inc has just given me another reason to get it.

As from today, iPod shuffles come in 5 different colors!

(And each of them comes with the improved earphones too!) Lime green and orange both looks extremely attractive to me. Hmm… Another good news from Apple store, albeit late for Singapore customers, is that iPod nano (RED) is available in Apple Singapore. Time to get my savings going… 🙂

Slept like I have never slept before over the five days and I finally recovered from fever and diarrhoea. My guess is I might have overworked my body and it applied off days on my behalf to force me to rest. Smart move…

Never have I felt thinner and lighter before. Yixin says that she’s starting “Operation 30”, which includes all actions to increase my waist size to the big-three-o. Heh…


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