Eating Alone





So this evening, when I was starting on my dinner, alone, at Engine canteen and a guy from the Cashflow Club(?) approached me. Not sure if he introduced himself, but upon asking my name, he went ahead to seat himself beside me and started rambling about his club. It gave me the feeling that he is regurgitating something off a script and it reminded me of the presentation made by Cingular CEO Stan Sigman’s presentation during the latest Apple Macworld keynote event. (See this for more comments of his presentation)

Throughout the conversation, one-sided conversation to be exact, I was distracted by my food, the plague in his teeth, the itch at the back of my head… Somehow I feel sorry for his club for having him to do its promotion. I believe it had more negative effects than anything else. However I let him finished his script and brushed him off with some cold “Yar”s, “Oh”, and “Ah”s.

Digress: Just had a talk with Siwei; let’s just say that we are both glad that it’s going to be over soon and we’d have more time for people close to our hearts.


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