Multitasking Deconstructed

Is it true that females can multitask better or it’s just an urban myth? According to this report, it’s the latter:

(…) Yet among human subjects in multitasking studies, University of Michigan psychology professor David Meyer says, “the two sexes typically come out about the same, on average.” Even among air-traffic controllers, the Top Guns of multitasking — of whom nearly one-fifth are women — researchers don’t see differences, says the Federal Aviation Administration’s Carol Manning.

I, for one, is an example of one who cannot multitask for nuts. It has driven some others nuts, but my excuse explanation is that at least whatever task/person that I am working with receives my full attention and we can possibly have a more productive time. If they need my attention when I am in the middle of something, all they just need to do is to get me shuffle my priorities; Although I have to admit that such shuffling doesn’t usually happen.

What is the excuse explanation of a “multitask-er”? What happens if one thinks that one can multitask but actually cannot?

Just today, my MSN message reads:

Multi-task? Good for computers, not for humans.

Something must have hit a nerve… 😦


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