I stayed up late in the midnight of 9th Jan and I didn’t regret missing my 7 hours of sleep. Even though I could only keeping track of the keynote via several sites, I was excited throughout and never felt tired.

Apparently that was one of Steve Job’s best keynote ever, watch it in high quality here. (Note: iTunes required and be prepared for a 1.21GB download) Trust me, it’s worth the trouble if you want to see what a spectacular presentation is about; and why he managed to get all press crazy about Apple’s entry into the mobile phone market. My favourite moment? “An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator. An iPod. A phone. Are you getting it? These are not three seperate devices. This is one device.” Dra-ma-tic.

Digress: I happen to find this closeup of the notes Steve used during his keynote. Notice that he even included the prank he pulled on the unfortunate Starbucks. Reminder to self: Good method of keeping myself on track during a presentation.

So would I want an iPhone? I think not, at least at its first iteration. Products of Apple are known to be quirky in their first generation. Moreover, I am slightly worried about a few problems of iPhone which I foresee:

  • My fat fingers may have problem entering sms-es using the touchscreen user interface. Heard that a technology more advanced than the T9 dictionary we have now is being used in the iPhone; It checks for letters in the vicinity of the letter entered and provides suggestions to possible words for such letters too. Still, much training would be required and I may end up getting frustrated while typing messages/emails.
  • Also, Steve Jobs confirmed that iPhone would be a closed platform, very much like the iPod. I am one that likes to be able to configure/personalize the devices that I use. iPod is just a mp3 player and so I don’t dabble much with it. But for a phone, I’d like to have the capability to install small applications that I like to use.

Can’t think of others for now (though I am sure I have more). We’d look out for complains from US consumers in June ’07. So… I’d be setting up an iPhone fund for iPhone 2.0. Contributions are welcomed, definitely. 😀


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