Dance Camp

And so NUS Chinese Dance had it’s annual Dance Camp from 3rd Jan to 5th Jan. It started off real bad from the point of view of an organiser of the camp: 1. Poor attendence; 2. Many committee members were either sick or reached late, leaving others at a loss to do; 3. Timetable was changed at the 13th hour at 1a.m. of day one of the camp without many committee members knowing…

The chain of unfortunate events goes on and on…

Luckily everything got sorted out eventually and I take comfort that now, at least I know 8 more members at a more personal level; and committee members too.

Now I have to make the difficult choice of what to deal with those members who did not turn up for the camp even though they are in Singapore and might be slacking away in some kor-ner. Maybe it’s time to drop the 🙂 and start being stern.


I still cannot get over the disappointment.


4 thoughts on “Dance Camp

  1. awww… didnt know you went thru so much in tha camp. sorry , I COULD HAVE brought a little more sunshine to you ppl if i wasn’t down or busy with the FYP! haha
    m sure you’ve gained new experiences and learnt much in the process..
    way to go Mr. Prez / partner! =)

  2. Actually I wasn’t part of most of the planning and therefore I believe I didn’t feel as sian-ded as those who planned most of the stuffs. Still it broke my record on the number of miscommunications/mishaps that can possible happen in one event.

  3. Yeah, sure I did. 余波 of the incident actually carried on a few days later. I so want to get over the whole thing and ensure that it does not happen to whoever is in the next committee.

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