Dance Reflections is a festival featuring the creative talents of Chinese Dance, Ilsa Tari, Indian Dance, Dance Ensemble, Blast! and Dance Synergy. A testimony of a six groups’ creative energies and passion for dance, the works depicts the choreographers’ creative ideas, the young dancers’ enthusiasm, and the vibrancy of Singapore’s rich and varied cultural heritage.

Wait, did I just ripped the text from the official website? *Oops*

Today’s entry is in recognition of my superb DR Committee. Thanks a lot to the below “auto-pilots” (more on this later):

  1. Xiao Yun Xiaoyun, for all her excellent guidance in managing a dance group. She has helped so much ever since she was in the committee, through the time when I was busy with the exams. Now working in MediaCorp Channel 8’s Morning Singapore, she has once again shown her prowess as a super-woman. Working by day (5am); dancer by night; tutor by weekends; I am always amazed by how she can pack everything into her daily schedule.
  2. Xue FenXuefen (No, I am not using child labour, don’t ask me why she is not using her photo (actually I don’t too)), for filling up the vacuum that Xiaoyun left behind ever since she has found her current job in MediaCorp. Although she is very soft spoken, she commands respects from all the work she completes. No detail ever gets left out. And did I mention that she is an expert in art and crafts?
  3. Boon Zhi, my buddy’s girlfriend (which makes her my “da-sao”), for being the most committed and responsible I’ve seen. Being in-charge of both publicity and ticketing is no easy job. And once again I am amazed by a girl’s ability to multi-task. How can one manage running many tasks at one go like my computer?!


What is so amazing about these three ladies is that they always take the initiative to cover as much of their jobscope without needing much guide. (I really despise fear those that does nothing despite having me reminding them N times.) And its because of having such wonderful people that makes all the work done for the performance worthwhile.

It’s because I know that I am not running a marathon alone. However long it may be, I am never alone.


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